R.U.S.E Nations: USA

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Can you name the Units and Buildings of the R.U.S.E Nation USA?

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Building Produced FromUnit/BuildingUnit/Building Type
BarracksUnarmoured Recon
BarracksLight Infantry
BarracksHeavy Infantry
Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base AA Gun
Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base Mobile AA Gun
Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base Armoured AA Gun
Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base Armoured Artillery
Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base Heavy Armoured Artillery
Armor BaseArmoured Recon
Armor BaseLight Tank
Armor BaseAdvanced Light Tank
Armor BaseMedium Tank
Armor BaseAdvanced Medium Tank
Armor BaseHeavy Tank
Building Produced FromUnit/BuildingUnit/Building Type
Armor BaseAdvance Heavy Tank
Anti-tank BaseAT Gun
Anti-tank BaseAdvanced AT Gun
Anti-tank BaseTank Destroyer
Anti-tank BaseAdvanced Tank Destroyer
AirfieldAir Recon
AirfieldAir Transport
AirfieldElite Airborne
AirfieldAdvanced Fighter
AirfieldLight Bomber
AirfieldHeavy Bomber
Prototype BaseHeavy Artillery
Prototype BaseRocket Launcher Tank
Prototype BaseFlamethrower Tank
Prototype BaseSuper-Heavy Tank

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