R.U.S.E Nations: Nazi Germany

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Can you name the Units and Buildings for R.U.S.E Nation Germany?

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Building Produced FromUnit/BuildingUnit/Building Type
BarracksArmoured Recon
BarracksLight Infantry
BarracksHeavy Infantry
Artillery & AA BaseAA Gun
Artillery & AA BaseLight Artillery
Artillery & AA BaseMedium Artillery
Artillery & AA BaseDual Purpose Gun
Artillery & AA BaseAssault Gun
Armour BaseLight Tank
Armour BaseMedium Tank
Armour BaseAdvanced Medium Tank
Armour BaseHeavy Tank
Armour BaseAdvanced Heavy Tank
Anti-Tank BaseAT Gun
Building Produced FromUnit/BuildingUnit/Building Type
Anti-Tank BaseAdvanced AT Gun
Anti-Tank BaseTank Destroyer
Anti-Tank BaseAdvanced Tank Destroyer
AirfieldAir Recon
AirfieldAir Transport
AirfieldElite Infantry
AirfieldJet Fighter
AirfieldLight Bomber
AirfieldJet Bomber
Prototype BaseArmoured Recon
Prototype BaseArmoured AA Gun
Prototype BaseHeavy Artillery
Prototype BaseRocket Launcher Vehicle
Prototype BaseSuper-Heavy Tank

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