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What does Manetheren mean in the Old Tongue?
What is the name of the male half of the True Source?
The red cloth on the swords of Caemlyn citizens represents their support for who?
Who sees Rand channeling at Tarwin's Gap?
Who keeps the rats out of the Caemlyn palace?
How many Whitecloaks are killed when Perrin and the wolves attack them in the stedding?
What color do Perrin's eyes turn as he becomes a Wolfbrother?
What does Mat take from Shadar Logoth?
While in the Blight, the group hears a fluting cry. What creature does Lan say it belongs to?
Tinker is a slang term for what people?
After leaving Fal Dara, where does Lan lead the group?
What do steddings naturally prevent?
Who does Captain Domon kick off his boat in Whitebridge?
Who accompanies Mordeth outside of Shadar Logoth?
Why was the Myrddraal able to track Rand and Mat during their flight to Caemlyn?
What is cuendillar also known as?
What is the true name of the Dark One?
When the Eye of the World vanishes, The Horn of Valere, the Dragon Banner, and what else are found in its place?
What does Mistress Grinwell have that Rand has never seen before?
After they leave the Tuatha'an, what are Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas hunted by?
What is the symbol for the lost nation of Malkier?
While speaking with the Gleeman outside the Winespring Inn, what does Mat say he's interested in?
What is the Green Man's real name?
A sappling from Avendesora was given to the Cairhien and planted in their capitol city. What was this tree called?
What happened to the hundred men and women who created the Eye of the World?
Which Ajah is in charge of finding and gentling men who can channel?
Loial guides the group through the Ways to what city?
After his fight with Aginor, where does Rand find himself transported?
What lurks within the walls of Shadar Logoth that keeps out the trollocs?
What does Lan do to incapacitate the trolloc army chasing them north of the Caemlyn Road?
Rand meets Elayne, Gawyn, and Galad while trying to get a look at who?
What does Ba'alzamon repeatedly say to Rand during his nightmares?
Which two Forsaken attack the group in the Blight?
The names of the wolves with Elyas Machera are Dapple, Burn, Hopper, and what?
Who does Rand first speak to about the dark rider he sees on Quarry Road upon reaching Emond's Field?
Also known as the Black Wind, what evil force roams the Ways?
Where was the weapon forged which was used to injure Tam al'Thor?
Who rescues Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloak camp?
Who corners Rand and Mat in Four Kings, forcing Rand to channel in order to escape?
What is the name of the trolloc who stays behind to capture Rand at the farm?
Who does Nynaeve fall in love with?
Rand first channels by restoring energy to which animal?
During his fever dreams, where does Tam al'Thor say he found Rand?
Rand, Mat, and Thom are assailed by what in Whitebridge?
What is the group searching for in the Blight?
How does Moiraine address Nynaeve when they first meet, visibly upsetting Nynaeve?
What is the name of Bayle Domon's ship?
The gatekeeper at Baerlon mentions trouble in Saldea. Who is he referring to?
The Prophesies of the Dragon state that who will come to the Stone?
Who does Ba'alzamon claim to have advised to make war on Aes Sedai
Who does Moiraine believe Rand to be at the end of the book?
The Pattern weaves itself around Rand, Mat, and Perrin. What is this effect called?
What was Elyas Machera before he became a Wolfbrother?
What is the name of the upcoming festival celebrated in the Two Rivers?
Who is Elayne and Gawyn Trakands' father?
Lan collects a red trident badge from a dead trolloc after the attack on Emond's Field. What band does this badge represent?
What does Gawyn tell Rand he looks like?
It is revealed upon interrogation that Padan Fain has been a Darkfriend for how many years?
When Min reads Perrin in Baerlon, she sees a broken crown, flowering trees, and what else?
As they drift down the Arinelle on the Spray, what tower do Rand, Mat, and Thom pass by?
To which Ajah does Moiraine belong?
Who wants Egwene to stay with the Tuatha'an?
What must be wielded by the Dragon's hand before the Stone will fall?
Nynaeve first channels by Healing Egwene. What ailment did she have?
Trollocs refer to the Aiel Waste as what?

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