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How it endedCoupleDid they date more than once ?
One of them didn't want any children and the other did .Yes .
It didn't end they got married with Joey as the minister .Yes .
One of them said they were on a break and slept with Chloe the copy girl .Yes .
They were married but she discovered she was a lezbian .Yes .
Lezbian couple who got married .Yes .
Number 2 of 3 marriages for the groom . The bride ran away because the groom said the wrong name at the alter .Yes but only for about 2 weeks .
Woman cheated on the male for his best friend . The male suspected she was sleeping with someone else .Yes .
They were cheating . It ended because she thought that she was getting inbetween 2 best friends .Yes .
His best friend worked fro her and he hated her .She also got run over and died .Yes . At 2 seperate times .
She was too young and he didn't think she was mature enough .Yes .

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