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HintsSteel Village
Iken Jr.'s first master
Came back dark
Twins 2
Killed Gizik
How many Sharingan users are there
Light master of Kiri's daughter
Iken's comrad with only one sharingan
Dragon Curseamark 2
Demon Cursemark 8
Founded the Steel Village
Demon Cursemark
The third Samakage
Heaven Cursemark 4
Demon inside of Genesis
Gender of Shirley's child
Gizik's element
Iken's last name
Never used Mangekyo Sharingan
Has the newst dragon sword
Uses Tora
Demon Cursemark 7
Caused Gizik's face to cave in on it's self
Type of animal Tora is
Heaven Cursemark 2
Dual hilt master of the Seven Mist
Iken's clan element
Jeanna's kekai genkai
Desais's kekai genkai from his mother
Kiri's element
Black and White Sharigan
Iken's rival
Type of demon Kiri is
Brother of Iken's lover
number of tails of Gobi
Heaven Cursemark
HintsSteel Village
Loves Sakuno and is dark
Dropped the muffins:(
Who did Iken fight durring the Steel Village riot
How many dragon spirits does Iken Jr. have
Soul eating master of the Seven Mist
Want's the seven swords of the Mist
Derge's kekai genkai from his mother
Has the origanal dragon sword
What type of dragon did Iken first summon in the beging of Rise of the Steel
Sachio's friends
Most powerful ninja
Heaven Cursemark 3
Hyuga of the Sand
Elemental master
Has dual dragon swords
Used Rasengan combined with every element
Desais's brother
Took Gizik's eyes
Derge's element
Sakuno's element
Iken's favorite element
Demon Cursemark 2
The second Samakage
What killed Beast
Derge's kekai genkai from his father
Pupil of Genji
Crystal Cursemark 2
Demon Cursemark 4
Jeanna's element
Dragon Curseamark 3
How many demon containters are there
Rinn'egan user
Anoying weak Sharingan user
Spied on Kiri and Desais durring sex
Loves Sakuno and is good
HintsSteel Village
Desais's wife
Desais's kekai genkai from his father
Origanal element was water then changed
The beast
God of Hell Realm
Used an aqua Rasengan
Iken's brother
Iken's most used element
Demon Cursemark 6
God of Heaven Realm 2
How many seconds did Stakage live after introducing himself
Crystal Cursemark
God of Dragon Realm
Type of animal Gobi is
What is the name of the dragon Iken Jr. fused with
Genji's element
Iken's father
Dragon Curseamark
Derge's brother
Fought Kisame in desert
Dragon Curseamark 4
Desais's element
Took Itachi's eyes
Is a nekomata
Dark master of Kiri's daughter
Demon Cursemark 5
Fought Derge for Jakuse's eyes
What Village does Iken feel like he belongs to
Demon Cursemark 3
Fought Madara blow for blow
God of Heaven Realm
Destroyed a mountain trying to kill Itachi
Uses Gobi
The first Samakage

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