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movie theater
to see, to watch
to give
to go, wander, walk
to fit
to put, to place
to come
to say, to tell
to bring
to lie
to ask for, to request
to believe
to fall
to hear
to build, to construct
to destroy
to flee, run away
to touch, to play an instrument
I spoke
she ate
they wrote
I arrived
I looked for
I organized
They were (location, condition)
We couldn't
You had
She made
I wanted
I went
He was... (the president)
Did you go?
I told you
He told me
You brought us
I saw you
He gave me
We saw
He slept
I ordered
He ordered
I read
He read
She heard
They included
I translated
She introduced
They worked
I learned
We lived
You paid
You ate
You wrote
TENER (yo)
ESTAR (tu)
ANDAR (ella)
PODER (yo)
PONER (nosotros)
SABER (ellos)
CABER (it)
QUERER (Liliana)
HACER (Liliana)
VENIR (Liliana)
I gave
I gave the book
I gave you the book.
I gave it to you.
I told my friends...
They told Luis
We told Liliana
Luis told Liliana
I saw her
They gave a movie
They gave me a movie
They gave it to me
I wrote
I wrote a letter
I wrote him a letter
I wrote it to him
I want to tell you
I want to tell it to you
I am writing it
I am writing it to you
CREER (yo)
OIR (yo)
SER (yo)
DAR (yo)
CREER (ella)
OIR (ella)
SER (ella)
DAR (ella)

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