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How many Tuilagi brothers are there?
Who is the richest person born in the United Kingdom, as of March 2012?
In what city are the Spanish Steps located?
Who was the richest sports star in 2012?
How long is the London marathon to one decimal place, in miles?
How many calories are there in a McDonald' s Big Mac?
Who signed the most expensive sponsorship contract in 2013?
Which Aviva Premiership rugby team plays their home games at Sandy Park?
Which 1940s Jewish mafia crime boss was portrayed in the film 'Gangster Squad'?
How many bones are there in the human body?
What is the longest bone in the human body?
What is the first word Bane says in 'The Dark Knight Rises'
Which thracian slave caused the uprising of roman slaves and the beginning of the third servile war?
What number am I thinking of between 1 and 100?
Who plays Thor in Avengers Assemble?
What is the longest word in the English language?
Who played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
Who was Spartacus' rival, then later ally, who came from Gaul?
What is the most common name in the world?
Which professional footballer has had their name used as a word in the national dictionary of their home country?
Who is the current UK secretary of state for business in the UK?

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