Millard Fillmore: Yes, He Was Once A President

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Fillmore was which number President? (e.g. Washington = 1, Adams = 2, etc)
As Vice-President, he became President after the death of ________
Fillmore was the last President ever of this political party
Born in which state?
While in Congress, Fillmore authored this bill designed to protect American industrialists from European competition
As President, Fillmore signed this bill attempting to resolve differences between free and slave states over territories gained in the Mexican-American War
Fillmore was the first President to send a trade delegate to this Asian country
The only state admitted to the union during the Fillmore administration
After his Presidency, Fillmore was offered an honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree by
Fillmore ran for a nonconsecutive second term as President in 1856 as a member of this party
Appointed this man as first governor of the Utah territory

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