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Live or let die, party get high, and tell them lames to the plane or let fly2009
Rock camo shorts, Chuck T's, and smoke papers2010
Tell 'em go home, 'cause I'ma go hard2009
Marijuana minutes, **** times slow, on the kush clock, its always time to smoke2010
College educated, she graduated, any bills she can't front her parents paid it2009
My bitches only want two things, that's to get high, and kick it2010
So far so good, 'cause I've been doing things that y'all wish y'all could2009
We never low, away we go, like we supposed to go2010
When I make it, they should put my face up on a million dollar bill, (Yup) 'cause that's how I feel2010
In the back of the club, with a stack full of dough, drop it low like a pro2007
You know what it is, everything I do, I do it big2010
I don't give a mother ****2008

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