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Batgirl/ Barbara Wilson
The Joker
Henri Ducard
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Begins & Dark Knight)
Mr. Freeze/ Dr. Victor Fries
Alfred (Batman Begins & The Dark Knight)
Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Batman & Robin)
Poison Ivy/ Dr. Pamela Isley
Rachel Dawson (The Dark Knight)
Dr. Jonathon Crane/ Scarecrow
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Movies 1&2)
Julie Madison (Batman & Robin)
Jim Gordon
Harvey Dent/Two-Face (The Dark Knight)
Rachel Dawson (Batman Begins)
Robin/Dick Grayson
Joker/Jack Napier
Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Two-Face/Harvey Dent (Batman Forever)
Ms. B Haven
Vicki Vale
The Riddler/Dr. Edward Nygma
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Batman Forever)
Dr. Chase Meridian
Lucius Fox
Max Shreck

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