Reoccurring Seinfeld minor characters

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Can you name the Most reoccurring Seinfeld minor characters?

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# of episodesCharacterHint
101George accused her of stealing $20
48Has fleas; doesn't work when it rains
29Has a problem with foot odor
29Known for tasty roasted potatoes and paella
29Briefly a lesbian
24Invented the beltless trench coat
24Wonders how anyone could not like her son
22Is in Burma, and, we hear, quite mad
16Enjoys eggplant calzones
15Jerry! Hellllllo!
12Once abducted by a cult of carpet cleaners
11Please don't call him a grease monkey
11Top of the muffin to you!
# of episodesCharacterHint
8Eats his Snickers with a knife and fork
7Former stand-in for Punky Brewster
7Likes a good dish of pasta primavera
7Comedy act centers around Ovaltine
6Leaves door open to encourage intruders
6Elaine's co-worker who 'busts his hump'
6Who told you to put the balm on?
6We don't allow any outisde syrups
6Has a pen that writes upside down
5May have converted to Judiasm for the jokes
5Had an affair with John Cheever
5Rarely seen without a drink
5You gotta see the baby!

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