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Forced Order
Canal Street is its main drag
From Central Park to Riverside Park
Largely Dominican neighborhood popularized in a recent Broadway musical
Only neighborhood on this list named after a building
Home of Jay-Z, 'right next to DeNiro'
Original home of the New York (baseball) Giants; now home to the Apollo Theater
Gets its name from its devilish reputation prior to gentrifying in the 1990s
Northern tip of the island
North of Little Italy
Unless you have a key, the park in this neighborhood is only open to you one day each year
Home to 10021 and 10022, NYC's two richest zip codes
Home to Columbia University
Destination for many immigrants; home to Tenement Museum
South of Houston Street
Bohemian capital
Skyscrapers, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, and lots of tourists
Center of gay nightlife and home to many trendy clubs
Known as 'el barrio'
The original wall enclosing the first Dutch Settlement ran through this neighborhood
Originally part of the Hudson River; most buildings completed in the 1980s and 1990s

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