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This small town lies adjacent to Midgar; it's also notable for being the place the player receives the PHS item
Better than a Hi-Potion, this restorative item can be found in abundance on the western edge of the world--it's no Elixir, though
This character's very first Limit Break is a restorative one
This boss, fought just after a tragic plot event, has an ironic name given the circumstances
In Disc 2, there are four Huge Materia to be found: at Fort Condor, in the Junon Underwater Reactor, in a Shinra Rocket, and here
Zangan, a martial arts master, imparted his skill on this Nibelheim native
In the tropical town of Mideel, Tifa and Cloud fall into this flowing substance; Sephiroth also fell into it in the Nibelheim reactor five years ago
He's the first member of the Turks you fight, and he uses a unique attack that encases a character in a pyramid
It's Cloud's iconic weapon, the one he begins the game with, and the game does not allow you to sell it
There are many 'squares' in Gold Saucer; this is the one where you first meet Cait Sith

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