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Richard!!! What's happening? (Tommy Boy)
Run!!!! Go!!!! Get to the chopper!!!! (Predator)
Do it to it Lars. (Heavy Weights)
Do you want my head to explode?!?!?!?!? (Almost Heroes)
Where we're going we dont need roads. (Back to the Future 2)
I cant hear you samantha. I cant hear you. Ohhh light bulb. (Just Friends)
WILSON!!!!!! Never again...never again (Cast Away)
It was not me!!! It was the one armed man!!! (The Mask)
Follow the bouncing ball. She's Dusty's girl friend. (My Best Friends Girl)
Ya I did, and I'm gonna be rich cause I'm the only one on earth that knows where to find white mud. (Black Sheep)
Hey honey. You think KFC is still open? (Old School)
You sound like a mix of Jesus and Fergie. (Step Brothers)
I have an eleven inch penis....around. Think about it. (American Pie 2)
Get busy livin' or get busy dying (Shawshank Redemption)
They're coming out of the god damn walls man!!!! (Aliens)
We are going to kill the bear. Cause today.....I'm going to kill the mother ****. (The Edge)

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