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What the **** do you want, halloweens over.
So now its what? You and Jimmy? This was the plan?
You and I had some good times, didn't we daddy?
We used to talk about books.
You said to knock in a manly fashion.
I've got four boys dead in that warehouse.
You lunged at me, tried to commandeer my weapon. That's why I killed you.
Seven thousand clams Mickey, where's are fucking money.
Why let the past get in the way of the future.
The most important thing in life darling; your health.
I'm what time and circumstance have made me.
You mean, you heard I play ball.
Friend, tell me you're happy putting that jack **** in your mouth.
The dumber they come the better I like 'em, cause the dumb ones no how to make love.
People gamble;they lose. So we give them free drinks.
Look at the solider boy. You'd have pissed your pants if you were wearing any.
The roast tastes good.
Ryan's a sap.
Nuck, I tried talking to them. I tried telling them that they were making a mistake.
My reputations on the line here.
The ****...Pearl, I was just doing Sheridan's bidding.
When I first joined the bureau I was convinced that what we were doing was right. But seeing how it becomes harder and harder to enforce the law...
I am a simple fisherman after all.
Leading me on a merry chase these five months, you traitorous ****.
Remus enjoys a trip to the shore.
There's a fortune at stake gentlemen, this alcohol needs to be sold.
You'll come visit of course? To the White House.
That money belongs to the children.
You're broads now? Need us to walk you home?
I just figured a way to get your case dismissed.
What the **** is life if it's not personal!
I can make your life very difficult Mr. Neary, infact I might enjoy it.
You killed Mary Pickford?
You can't expect to have everything.
What I don't need, at any cost, is a fucking headache.
I'm not a naysayer but a prudent man might want to get his finances in order.
I'd rather hear that you wanted to win.
I didn't spend my life getting groped by a bunch of drunks to end up in a god damn poor house.
Please, don't get me into trouble.
Whatever you might do, to try and change things. You know he'll never forgive you.
The wrong man is running this town.
Nothing says I'm sorry like money.
Basically, I put the whole operation together. And what do i get? A poke up the ass.
Nice fellas, a fucking confession signed at gunpoint.
How do you rest your spleen?
We need guns and the money to buy them.
I'm headed west myself. California soon as I save up.
I have given you everything.
Moustache Pete fat ass, thinks he owns the lower east side
With you as boss? I'd have more authority as street sweeper.

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