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What is the proper name of the procedure in which a horse is put into a field?
How many toes does a horse have?
Whats a horses favourite food?
What is the curry comb used for cleaning brushes made from?
What is the most common grey coat colour?
What is the most common ball game on horseback?
What is the traditional method of measuring horses?
What is the oldest known ancestor of the modern horse?
What is the most common illness horses die from?
Name What is the name of a common ailment horses can get in their feet if they are not picked out regularly?
What is the most important piece of equipment to wear when riding?
How many native breeds of horse are found in britain?
What is the name of the native pony found in ireland?
What is the name of the biggest bone in the horses body
What i the equine related name for the smallest bone in the body?
What is the name of the sport known as 'ballet with horses'?
What colour are exmoor ponies?
What is another name for stable vices?
Whats the most common type of bit?
How often should horses be seen by the farrier?
What is the name of a female horse used for breeding foals?

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