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Large ______ are designed for long distance travel.
Interstate highways are ________ highways.
The raised area at each door that the trailers are backed up to for loading and unloading is called a _______.
The word 'INTER' means _____?
The _________ is a combination of gears that transmits engine power to the drive wheels.
Another name for a group of inter-related things is a ________.
The movement of passengers and cargo over roads and highways is called _____ transportation
In the trucking business, this type of travel is called _________?
Sometimes a driver must pay a ______, or fee to travel over certain roads.
Commercial transportation is provided by _________ companies
A person who owns a tractor and leases his or her driving services is called a _______.
Many truck stops are like _______ cities.
The main commercial use of roads and highways is ______ service.
The tractor is the _______ unit of the tractor trailer combination.
Many ________ are made of lightweight aluminum.
A special hitch called a _____ makes it possible for almost any tractor to pull any trailer
The word ________ means to hire a bus for a special trip.
Single unit trucks haul only ______ type of cargo.
There are four types of trailers used to haul different types of freight. They are the refridgerator van, flatbed, tanker, and ________.
There are basically two types or categories of trucks: Single unit trucks and __________.
Of all the modes of transportation, ________ transportation offers the greatest flexibility.
Travel from one city to another is called ______?
The word 'INTRA' means _____ or ______?
A spotting tractor is used only to move trailers inside a _________.

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