Kpop word chain.

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Each answer may simply be an anagram of the one before, or there may be a letter added. The (number) indicates how many letters the answer should have.

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Hunhan for example? (3)
Boom Shaka Laka
'I __ a boy'
American member of Mydol __as (4)
A subject that Gongchan is good at
Honey-senpai's nickname for Tamaki (+chan)
Girl group
Another one?
A member of this group
Actress Yoo...
A magic girl
One way to romanise big sister
She's in shock, e-electric shock
Type of art book Hongki brought out
Something Taemin's dog has
He's very good.(5)
She will show you
It's over
Shinhwa - ___ smiling
Infinite - ____ confession

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