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Hairy Gorilla. +C
dy/dx sin(5x+3)
Merit badge.
What is the equation used to find total distance?
find the derivative of 3847547583937x
Awais's son's name
find the line tangent to the line y=2x^2+5x (2,1)
The sign of the second derivative indicates the original function's ________
amac's.....oh wait older brother
Awais's son looks like
I curse at referees.
low d high minus high d low all over low squared
Second derivative of position
lim x-0 ((sinx)/x)
I threw a softball at Hikari.
slope of 2x+y=4
an 11 year old beat him at a 5k
Instantaneous rate of change' is another name for the ____________
Collective term for maxima and minima of a function
The integral of f'(x) from a to b= f(b)-f(a)
pink hair don't care
Christina Cavaliere yelled at me. :(
You only get three questions a day.
Theorem that states for certain functions, f(b) - f(a) = f'(c)(b - a) for some c∈(a,b)
You conscious?
Integral of 5e^xdx
Kimchi festival.
Got sunblock? SPF 0
derivative of ln(x^2)
The derivative of position is _________
If f(a)=f(b) then the function is
Sent to Yeager for threatening Ms.Caine ... with art.
find the derivative of 394pi

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