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L.A temptations, or music sensations
But when the shivers are salty
When all your dreams are shattered
Must have missed the chapter when
Cause I can't sit round
Ten minutes later
You're sleeping with the TV on
We spoke for hours
Please save me, I've been waiting
Her mind is flooded with emotion
I can stay but i haven't got the patience
Take a step out of the shade
We got every girl in school
I'm not God
He doesn't like to mention
And my mind is growing weak
We’ll go to Hollywood, and make you a movie star
I've got no more love to give
Crashing into walls
I quit my city job
I'm torn up inside
I wonder what it's like to fly so high
When it gets to midnight
She was looking kinda sad and lonely
Jeremy's antique, the hamster just squeaks
Seen the star on my foot
An army for the broken hearted
This is the story of my life
We're sorry but we disagree
And I'm dreaming so much
I'm starting to fall in love
Everybody makes mistakes
If you wanna fight
Fly away, watch the night turn into day
The time has come to say goodbye

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