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Clues4 Letter Word
The mother of a god
A female horse
A car brand
What a thief does
What a stoner does
What you did this morning
The water behind a boat
The moon does this
A fairy's gesticulator
Fart, or break ________
What a windy river does
Puff on this, baby
Trough contents
Ward off
_______ shui
Your canines
What I did to your mom last night
'A ________ and a blintz'
Badda _________
Blow these out of smoke
Steps on a ladder
The little guy
What Rush Limbaugh does
Closely attentive
Kanye or the like
Jay and Silent Bob or the like
Ready to eat
Clues4 Letter Word
Filled with
Guitar melody
A collar
A magic dragon
Bury my face in your _______
Stifler's mom
26.2 to a marathon
A mound
_________ as a ghost
Best buds
Puff, puff, ________
Smellier after asparagus
Many pioneers (abbr.)
_______ vs. cons
A limo worthy event
$15-20 per
Study all night
Floater or corn, for example
Animal fur
Keep going (abbr.)
Waffle or sugar, for example
A type of sugar
Marijuana when combined with first answer

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