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QuestionAnswercan you guess it?
who does bowser have to fight at fawful theatre???
What does starlow tell Bowser her name is???
what is Fawful's pig's name???
what is the what is the name of the old turtle who does puzzles???
what color is starlow???
what are the very first minions bowser finds
what is the name of the tower that bowser fights?
what move do you do with Bowser if you punch while walking
QuestionAnswercan you guess it?
what does Fawful turn Bowser's castle into???
True or False? Bowser fights Midbus 2 times???
what is Mario and Luigi's very first special attack???
what power does fawful give midbus to defeat Bowser in peach castle???
what does luigi pretend to have to get an appointment at the toad clinic???
how do mario and Luigi escape Bowser's body???
What is the name of the guy trying to get the dark star???
what do you have to fight to get the first star sage???

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