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Can you name the How well do you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer??

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Buffy's father's name
Who's brother is Andrew?
What does dawn burn when she finds out she is the key?
What was on the frame Dawn made Buffy for her birthday?
In Barganning pt. 1 & 2, what 3 characters were wearing shirts with numbers on them?
How does Cassie die?
what baked good does Buffy refer to herself as?
I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter T!
Glory refers to herself as the origional one eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the what?
What does Willow tell Riley Buffy likes so they have something to talk about?
In Earshot, who wanted to kill everyone?
Which of Joyce's lipsticks does Faith like?
The anternate reality that is talked about more than once is a world without this
Why does cordelia's family go broke?
Who is the murderer at the doublemeat palace?
All work and no play makes 'blank' a dull girl.

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