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The X-Man who is also a Queen, a Leader, and a Goddess:
She was the leader of these subterranean mutants:
They were massacred by:
Their leader is:
He has employed this X-Man:
He is in love with this X-woman:
She was raised by:
This breif X-man (in this timeline) shares her power:
He served on this reality hopping team:
They were mostly lead by this pink mutant:
Her prime counterpart died in the founding mission of this teenage team:
This member was an X-man before joining up:
She was mentored by which X-man:
He was a member of this evil quartet:
This villian was War in this version of the team:
She is married to this former X-Man:
His father is:
He led this team:
They are now led by his son:
His alternate reality neice, also on the team, is:
In many alternate realities she is married or dating this Fantastic and powerful mutant:
He was kidnapped and used by this X-Men and Marvel Universe villian:
He was created from part of this hero:
His step-brother is:
His friend and partner in crime was:
He raised this X-person:
She has a flirtatious relationship with this mercenary:
He shared a book with this X-Man:
He has an on-again off-again relationship with this b;acl and white mutant:
Her powers are similar to this X-Man:
His long time X-girlfriend and wife is:
She was in the band of this musical teleporter:
This X-person works as her sometime bodyguard:
He is a memeber of this X-team:
Who is the other superstrong member of the current team:
Both her and her sisters spent time in the diamond hard boy of:
That name is currently being used by this Ex-Warrior:
The other blonde mutant on his original team:
Her cousin, the so called 'Marvel's first mutant', is:

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