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Founder of the X-Men:
His friend and adversary:
His daughter with odd colored hair:
Her original X-boyfriend:
The person who possesed his body for a time:
She is dating this X-leader:
His long time girlfriend and wife:
Her son from an alternate timeline:
His father-figure and mentor was:
He was oftenly associated with this X-team:
That team is currently being run by:
He impregnated this teammate:
Her father is:
His long time girlfriend was:
Her son is:
He was 'killed' by:
His on-again off-again X-girlfriend is:
She dated this MI-13 agent:
The main hero of his homeland is:
His sister is:
She had a relationship with this original X-man:
He served this villian:
His adopted son is:
He is a clone of:
His son was killed by this X-man:
His nemisis was:
He had a human child with:
She is the biological mother of this X-man:
His daughter from an alternate reality is:
Her mother is:
The team she is most famously on is:
This original X-man was a member:

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