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A peasant girl's ghost protects her lover from the vengeance of a group of evil female spirits.Adam
The story of a temple dancer and her lover, a soldier, pulled apart in life and reunited in death.Minkus
A groom is lured away from his bride-to-be on their wedding day by forest sprite.Schneitzhoeffer or Lovenskiold
Two starcrossed lovers find love in the face of inter-family strife.Prokofiev
A young prince falls for a princess, Odette, only to be tricked by a sorcerer into pledging his love to her evil double, Odile.Tchaikovsky
A transformed girl captures the heart of a prince only to flee at midnight. She is found by her missing slipper.Prokofiev
A ballet retelling of the Shakespeare story of events surrounding the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Fairies abound.Mendelssohn
A princess and her kingdom are cursed to sleep for one hundred years until a prince rouses her from sleep with a kiss.Tchaikovsky
Swanhilda's plans for marriage are threatened by an evil doctor and his life-sized doll.Delibes
A knight and his squire set off on a series of (mis)adventures including the pursuit of the lady Dulcinea.Minkus
A showman's three puppets are brought to life and get caught in a love triangle.Stravinsky
In a young girl's dream the toys from her Christmas Eve party come to life.Tchaikovsky
Depicting a primitive barbarity, a young girl is chosen for sacrifice by her tribe.Stravinsky
A Saracen knight pursues a bethrothed girl on her birthday. Her fiance kills the suitor in a duel and they are reunited.Glazunov
A slave girl and a pirate struggle to be together despite her master's pursuit and his arrest.Adam (et al.)
Prince Ivan defeats an immortal enemy with the help of a magical creature.Stravinsky

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