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(God works in mysterious ways...Mysterious ways)2
one goal2
one heart, one goal3
one flash of light4
one flesh, one bone,3
one voice, one hope,3
wo wo wo wo 3
no wrong2
I'm gonna tell you there's 5
no blood2
all we need is 4
one flesh one bone one true religion7
wo wo wo wo oh yeah4
i had a dream4
a dream of sweet illusion5
and visions of one2
but a cold wind blows5
and in my heart it shows, look what5
so give me 2
give me4
there's only one direction4
yeah, one 1
no hate no fight2
all through the night3
one one one one2
one flesh2
one true religion2
one hope3
gimme one light3
just gimme2
one man, one bar2
one day2
just gimme1
gimme gimme2

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