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Can you name the lines delivered by characters at the beginning/ during songs from the musical 'Chicago'?

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Billy, I've been thinking alot about my trial...
Roxie, do you know you're exactly the same size as my sister?
And now, ladies and Gentlemen, the Keeper of the keys...
Oh Billy, I'm scared!
There's only one person who can help you now, Roxie.
Stop the Presses! 'Dancing feet lead to sorrow' says beautiful jazz slayer!
Not only one little lady, but two! you've read about them in the papers, and now here they are!
Name of deceased? Fred Caseley.
Nobody walks out on me!
Mr Billy Flynn sings the press conference rag!
We run out of ice, so I go out to get some...
OK you babes of jazz, let's pick up the pace!
She'll swallow hook, line and sinker... her name's Mary Sunshine.
I think it's sweet, it's the first time one of our girls has been knocked up!
Hello Suckers, welcome back!

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