Word Ladder: Meet Me in Montauk

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Can you name the answers to the two ladders based on an Alexander Pope quote, which inspired a much loved film?

Updated May 13, 2013

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Five-Letter Ladder

“How ____ is the blameless vestal's lot!...
Ugly winged-bird woman 
Mr. Potter of 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey 
Take with you 
Singer Vikki and UK comedians Jimmy and Alan 
Sagan, Reiner and Lenny's BFF  
Membranes cover a newborn's head 
Cold, in Scots dialect 
'The Little Engine That ____' 
'____ You Rather?', party game 

...The ____ forgetting by the ____ forgot...
Four-Letter Ladder

...Eternal sunshine of the spotless ___!...
Not yours 
'Whose ___ Is It Anyway?, improv comedy show  
Deep adoration 
Small bay or inlet 
Nick ___, Aussie singer backed by 'The Bad Seeds' 
Suit-, brief- or book- 
Paper money 
Wipe clean 

...Each pray'r accepted, and each ___ resign'd”

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