Missing Word: Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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Can you name the thanksgiving-themed words that fill in the blanks in the given clues?

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Missing WordAnswerExtra Clue
____ RainGuns N' Roses song
____ IdiotGreen Day album that spawned a Broadway musical
Scott ____ vs. the WorldComic book movie adaptation
Cleveland ____MLB team
Decline and ____Evelyn Waugh novel based at Oxford University
American ____1971 song by Don McLean
Happy ____McDonald's order marketed to kids
Guess Who's Coming to ____1967 Katharine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier film
Roman ____1953 Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn romantic comedy
____ MoonFarming-themed video game originally released on Nintendo
____ TowerType of cloud formation
Children of the ____1984 horror film based on a Stephen King short story
To Wong Foo, ____ for Everything! Julie Newmar1995 Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze road trip movie
Sly and the ____ StoneUS rock/funk/soul band active from 1967-1983
Missing WordAnswerExtra Clue
The Mutineers of the ____Jules Verne historical story
Maundy ____Christian feast during Easter
Mr. ____ HeadPlastic kids toy dating back to the 50's
The Smashing ____Band whose albums include 'Gish' and 'Siamese Dream'
____, Pray, Love2006 memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert
The ____ DeadAmerican rock band with fans known as 'Deadheads'
____ Argyle F.C.English association football club
The ____ of LightsAlternative name for the Jewish holiday Chanukkah
Don't Rain on My ____Song from the musical 'Funny Girl'
God ____ Ye Merry, GentlemenTraditional English Christmas carol
Fantasy ____Virtual sports management competition
____ Alone1990 Macaulay Culkin movie
Andrew ____Lead actor in 'The Walking Dead' TV show
Don't ____ the Water1994 Woody Allen movie

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