Non-Plural '-S' Words (A-Z)

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Can you name the words ending in 's', from A-Z, none of which are plurals?

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Deep or bottomless chasmA
State of extreme happinessB
Statue of gigantic sizeC
Female equivalent or wife of a dukeD
Koalas' food of choiceE
Thin thread important for dental hygieneF
Someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or aptitudeG
Oft-maligned Scottish food made from sheep's meatH
Long-legged wading birdI
Male donkeyJ
Home of Dorothy GaleK
African species of water lily, usually white in colourL
Very large city or urban areaM
Enemy or source of great miseryN
Egyptian God of the afterlifeO
Australian egg-laying mammalP
French dialect found in Eastern CanadaQ
Equal-sided parallelogramR
Anxiety or worryS
Dictionary of synonymsT
Female reproductive organU
Second-brightest natural object in the night sky, after the MoonV
Arctic marine mammal with prominent tusksW
King of the Achaemenid Empire, often known by the honorific title 'the Great'X
Affirmative responseY
Greek God of thunderZ

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