Word Ladder: Lakota Leader

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Can you name the answers on this 5-letter word ladder connecting the name of a Native American historical figure?

Updated Sep 29, 2013

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Clue5-Letter Word#
✶Psychotic and insane or, with [#20], a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota✶1
Trend or fashion of dubious longevity2
Large bird species and origami model3
Turn an axle or to turn up the volume4
____ islands, Antarctic island group5
✶Thief or General ____, US officer nicknamed 'Grey Wolf' whose troops [#1][#20] surrendered to✶6
Small stream7
Ash's friend on Pokémon8
Masonry building block 9
Acronym of the five largest emerging global economies10
Residents of Great Britain11
Attaches a worm to one's hook12
____ accomplis, things that have already occurred13
Mammalian methane emissions14
✶Defensive stongholds, such as Camp Robinson, where [#1][#20] was killed✶15
Talent or specialty16
Blacksmith's workshop17
Rocky ravine18
Evergreen shrub, also known as furze or whin19
✶Equine creature or, with [#1], a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota✶20

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