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Can you name the most successful countries in the history of the IAAF World Athletics Championships?

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 138G 88S 74B
 53G 60S 55B
 43G 37S 32B
 35G 28S 38B
 24G 42S 32B
 22G 25S 28B
 22G 19S 23B
 21G 29S 32B
 20G 18S 15B
 18G 22S 12B
 12G 10S 13B
 12G 5S 4B
 11G 15S 13B
 11G 9S 13B
 10G 15S 18B
 10G 12S 13B
 10G 11S 14B
 10G 11S 6B
 10G 8S 12B
 8G 3S 5B
 7G 15S 16B
 7G 8S 5B
 7G 6S 4B
 6G 5S 2B
 6G 0S 3B
 5G 8S 9B
 5G 7S 6B
 5G 6S 5B
 5G 3S 7B
 5G 1S 1B
 5G 0S 1B
 4G 10S 9B
 4G 6S 12B
 4G 5S 10B
 4G 4S 3B
 4G 0S 3B
 3G 3S 0B
 3G 1S 8B
 3G 1S 1B
 3G 1S 0B
 3G 1S 0B
 3G 0S 1B

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