Word Ladder: 'Siamese' Regions of Belgium

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Can you name the answers on this 'siamese' word ladder linking the 8-letter names of two regions of Belgium?

Updated Feb 21, 2013

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▲ Flemish Dutch-speaking region in northern Belgium ▲
Blemish or imperfection/Laura ___, star of 'Jurassic Park'
Shredded cabbage salad/Swiss capital city
Hit with an open hand/Fava, runner or lima
Cleaning agent/Cereal component
Fly with little effort/___ Stoker, 'Dracula' author
Cook briefly on the outside/Outer margin of a hat
Mystic or fortuneteller/French soft cheese
What Harry does in a Quidditch match/Fourth largest of the Great Lakes
Dorky or nerdy person/___ Falco, star of 'Nurse Jackie'
Flemish city/Alter or correct
Companion for a lady/Reflect or give out light
Traveled/Leave out
'Don't you ___ me, baby?'/Newspaper death notice
___ Disney, Mickey Mouse creator/Suffix linking arachnoph- and claustroph-
▼ Walloon French-speaking region in southern Belgium ▼

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