Jones Criteria for diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease

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Can you name the Jones Criteria for diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease?

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criterionmajorextra info
major criterionusually starts in legs and migrates upwards
major criterionendocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis, valve damage, new murmur
major criterionextensor surfaces, over bones or tendons
major criterionpainless rash, macules that spread to form rings clear in the middle that then coalesce into a snakelike-appearance
major criterionSt. Vitus' dance
minor criterionor inactive heart disease
minor criterionor other signs of heart block
minor criterionjoint pain without swelling
minor criterionlab values
minor criterionelevated temp. 38.2-38.9 C (101-102 F)

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