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Can you name the movies with high body counts?

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Body CountMovie TitleStarring...
836Elijah Wood
610Orlando Bloom
600Gerard Butler
572Eric Bana
558Tom Cruise
468Viggo Mortensen
310Kurt Russell / Rose McGowan
307 (Tie)Chow Yun-Fat
307 (Tie)Leonardo DiCaprio
305Mel Gibson
256Denise Richards
255Tom Hanks
247Sylvester Stallone
236Christian Bale
214Tony Leung
199Chow Yun-Fat
Body CountMovie TitleStarring...
187 (Tie)Leonardo DiCaprio
187 (Tie)Vin Diesel
186Kyle MacLachlan
184Mel Gibson
181Christopher Walken
175David Emge
172Daniel Day-Lewis
169Tomisaburo Wakayama
155Brendan Fraser
153Ben Affleck
152Jet Li
151Clive Owen
149Chow Yun-Fat
146Chuck Norris
145William Holden
141Clint Howard

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