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beverages77,839 $m
technology76,568 $m
business services75,532 $m
technology69,726 $m
technology57,873 $m
diversified43,682 $m
restaurants40,062 $m
technology39,385 $m
technology32,893 $m
automotive30,280 $m
automotive30,087 $m
automotive29,052 $m
media27,438 $m
business services27,197 $m
technology26,087 $m
FMCG24,898 $m
luxury23,577 $m
business services22,126 $m
electronics21,009 $m
internet services18,625 $m
automotive17,280 $m
beverages16,594 $m
apparel16,571 $m
financial services15,702 $m
business services15,641 $m
sporting goods15,126 $m
transportation13,088 $m
home furnishings12,808 $m
FMCG12,068 $m
electronics12,029 $m
alcohol11,872 $m
financial services11,471 $m
financial services11,378 $m
FMCG11,296 $m
beverages11,089 $m
internet services10,947 $m
apparel9,488 $m
luxury9,446 $m
automotive9,252 $m
electronic9,111 $m
electronic9,066 $m
FMCG8,821 $m
business sevices8,745 $m
business services8,444 $m
automotive7,958 $m
FMCG7,722 $m
FMCG7,643 $m
financial services7,599 $m
technology7,591 $m
financial services7,570 $m
diversified7,534 $m
FMCG7,498 $m
apparel7,473 $m
financial services7,218 $m
automotive7,196 $m
electronics7,082 $m
FMCG6,916 $m
financial services6,748 $m
technology6,714 $m
sporting goods6,699 $m
diversified6,306 $m
financial services6,184 $m
luxury6,182 $m
restaurants5,994 $m
electronic5,765 $m
beverages5,709 $m
media5,648 $m
luxury5,495 $m
internet services5,421 $m
luxury5,159 $m
FMCG5,151 $m
automotive5,149 $m
automotive4,969 $m
financial services4,944 $m
energy4,788 $m
financial services4,771 $m
diversified4,656 $m
technology4,557 $m
FMCG4,378 $m
FMCG4,360 $m
alcohol4,352 $m
luxury4,342 $m
alcohol4,301 $m
luxury4,271 $m
diversified4,221 $m
restaurants4,193 $m
automotive4,089 $m
restaurants4,062 $m
alcohol4,061 $m
alcohol4,050 $m
luxury4,038 $m
alcohol3,939 $m
electronics3,922 $m
financial services3,896 $m
financial services3,866 $m
automotive3,857 $m
internet services3,851 $m
alcohol3,824 $m
automotive3,770 $m
apparel3'731 $m

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