World Cup 2010 Results

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Group A
South Africa v Mexico 
Uruguay v France 
South Africa v Uruguay 
France v Mexico 
Mexico v Uruguay 
France v South Africa 
Group B
South Korea v Greece 
Argentina v Nigeria 
Argentina v South Korea 
Greece v Nigeria 
Nigeria v South Korea 
Greece v Argentina 
Group C
England v USA 
Algeria v Slovenia 
Slovenia v USA 
England v Algeria 
Slovenia v England 
USA v Algeria 
Group D
Serbia v Ghana 
Germany v Australia 
Germany v Serbia 
Ghana v Australia 
Ghana v Germany 
Australia v Serbia 
Group E
Netherlands v Denmark 
Japan v Cameroon 
Netherlands v Japan 
Cameroon v Denmark 
Denmark v Japan 
Cameroon v Netherlands 
Group F
Italy v Paraguay 
New Zealand v Slovakia 
Slovakia v Paraguay 
Italy v New Zealand 
Slovakia v Italy 
Paraguay v New Zealand 
Group G
Côte d'Ivoire v Portugal 
Brazil v North Korea 
Brazil v Côte d'Ivoire 
Portugal v North Korea 
Portugal v Brazil 
North Korea v Côte d'Ivoire 
Group H
Honduras v Chile 
Spain v Switzerland 
Chile v Switzerland 
Spain v Honduras 
Chile v Spain 
Switzerland v Honduras 
Round Of 16
Uruguay v South Korea 
USA v Ghana 
Germany v England 
Argentina v Mexico 
Netherlands v Slovakia 
Brazil v Chile 
Paraguay v Japan 
Spain v Portugal 
Netherlands v Brazil 
Uruguay v Ghana 
Argentina v Germany 
Paraguay v Spain 
Uruguay v Netherlands 
Germany v Spain 
3rd Place Play-Off
Uruguay v Germany 
Netherlands v Spain 

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