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Fill in the blank!
Congress has the right to maintain the __________
There are ___ Senators for every state
who has the power to decide the punishment for treason?
As stated in Article I Section IX, taxes shall not be implemented on exports within ___________
Senators are split into ____ classes while in chambers
The judicial power of the united states shall be vested in one _____ court
The president may appoint ___________judges
Members of the House of Representatives are elected every _________
States cannot enter into any treaty, alliance or ________________
The number of senators and representatives in each state is equal to the number of _________
The president must be at least ________years old
A treason conviction requires ________
The executive power of the United States is vested in the ______
Fill in the blank!
Which section of Article I of the Constitution discusses the powers of Congress?
The Vice President is the _______ of the senate
Where do revenue bills originate?
Congress has the power to…
Congress has the power to…
Congress shall not favor one state over another in terms of ______________ regulation
Congress has the power to…
If the president vetoes a bill, Congress needs a __________ vote to overrule the presidents veto
If convicted of Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and Misdemeanors the president or vice-president may be_________
Senators must be at least ___ years old
Congress has the power to…
In all cases, except those of impeachment, the president has the power to grant ________
Trials will always be held in the _____ where the alleged crime was committed
Fill in the blank!
Legislative Powers are granted to _____
Congress assembles once every ____
______ is defined as levying war against the us or aiding its enemies
The president has the power to do what to a bill?
No office holding official is to accept any type of present or title from any foreign nation without the consent of______________
In the case of a presidential vacancy the ________will assume the position of president
Congress has the power to…
The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by _____
To pass treaties the president must have_______ approval of the senate
A treason conviction requires ________
_______________ will not be suspended unless there is an immediate threat on the country
A Representative must be at least ___ years old
The president must have been a resident of the United State for _______years
Fill in the blank!
A presidential term is _______ years
Before taking office the president must swear an_______
Congress has the right to regulate commerce between foreign nations, certain states and __________
In most cases, the supreme court has _______
The president is ________of the Army and Navy
States cannot implement _____________on exports without the consent of Congress
Congress has the power to…
When crimes are not committed in any state, _____ decides where to hold the trial
Senators and Representatives are paid out of the ________________
In cases of diplomats, public ministers and consuls, and cases in which the state is a party, the supreme court has _______
Article II discusses the ____________
The Senate has the sole power to ____ all impeachment
The House of Representatives has the sole power of ___________

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