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MajinA Majin that Looks like Spopovich and is Controlled by Babidi also
Shadow DragonMakes Earthquakes
NamekianHe Only Appears in a Movie and is Able to turn into his Giant Form
HumanControlled by Babidi and Appears in the World Tournament
MajinAn Evil Wizard that Controls People
AndroidAbsorbs Energy From People
Normal DragonHe Enters the World Tournament
AndroidAppears in Dragon Ball and is a Good Android
DemonUses a Sword is Ruler of the Demon Realm
HumanA Girl that Works for Emperor Pilaf
TuffleCommander of Planet M-2
HumanA Three-Eyed Z Fighter
Supreme KaiA Potara Between Supreme Kai and Kibito
Human/Saiyan HybridQuarter Saiyan, Daughter of Goku's Son
DemonEvil Demon that Gets Destroyed by Gogeta
KaiKai of the West
KaiLeader of all Kai's
MummyA Person that Fights for Fortuneteller Baba
Shadow DragonThe Weakest of all Shadow Dragons and Pollutes to Weaken his Enemy's
SaiyanMain Protagonist
HumanWhen She Sneezes her Hair Turns from Blue to Blonde
Supreme KaiAn Old Purple Wrinkly Kai
Shadow DragonCan Transform By Absorbing Dragon Balls
Human/Saiyan HybridShe Takes off in a Plane When Gohan was Supposed to go Instead of Her
Human/Saiyan Hybrid1st Son of Goku
Galaxy WarriorTraps His Enemies With Needles of Energy
HumanA Ninja who Works for the Red Ribbon Army
Human/Saiyan HybridSon of Prince of Saiyans
HumanBulma's Father
AndroidA Girl Android Living in Penguin Village
DemonIs Captured in a Mystic Box, Gets Turned to Stone by an Enchanted Sword
ArlianArlian Imprisoned by King Moai
MajinThe Evil Wizard that Made Majin Buu
SaiyanThe Potara in Dragon Ball Z Between Goku and Vegeta
TuffleThe Doctor Who Created Most Machine Mutants
NamekianHe is Created by King Piccolo and kills Krillin
SaiyanA Saiyan Who Got the Power to See into the Future
MakyanA Makyan that is the Son of Garlic
DemonFortuneteller Baba's Former Fighter
Frieza's HenchmanA Purple Rival of Vegeta
KonatsianTapion's Brother
NamekianA Namekian that is Saved by Gohan and Krillin
TigerRed Ribbon Army Captain
HumanArale's Desk Partner and Becomes her Best Friend
HumanMarried to Goku
Shadow DragonHe Appears After Goku Tries to Revive Everyone that Died from Super 17 with the Dragon Balls
NamekianAn Evil Namekian that Takes Over Earth
SaiyanThe Only Girl Member of Bardock's Crew
AlienDestroyer of Namek, Kills Grand Elder
Ginyu ForceA Green Weak Member of the Ginyu Force
VampireA Person that Fights for Fortuneteller Baba
Namekian Wish-MakersThe Dragon that Appears by the Earth Dragon Balls
AndroidGets Married to Krillin and Twins with Android 17
Supreme KaiA Fat Pink Kai with a Purple Mohawk
ArlianA Giant Arlian that King Moai Teaches to Eat Other Arlians
HumanPervert Hermit, Master of Goku
MajinA Short Version of Super Buu
BearAn Orange Bear that Fights Goku with a Sword
Normal DragonA Baby Dragon that Gohan Rides
Galaxy WarriorThe Only Girl Galaxy Warrior
AndroidAn Android that is Black and Wheres a Hat
HumanThe Daughter of Mr. Satan
SaiyanFather of the Legendary Super Saiyan
Supreme KaiA White Kai with a Red Mohawk and Supreme Kai of the Sorth
TurtleMaster Roshi's Turtle
HumanA Bulletproof Indian
Supreme KaiA Fat White Kai with a Blue Mohawk and Supreme Kai of the North
SaiyanHates Goku, Legendary Super Saiyan
MakyanA Pink Makyan that is Trapped in the Dead Zone
NamekianSeperated From his Other Personality, and Became the Good Half of Himself
Ginyu ForceHe Claims to be the Fastest in the Universe
Shadow DragonUses Water and Wind, Is Shadow Dragon of 6 Star Dragon Ball
Ginyu ForceA Red Member of the Ginyu Force with White Hair
Cooler's SquadHe is Blue with Blonde Hair
AndroidIn Dragon Ball GT, On Planet Working for General Rildo
SaiyanFusion Between Goku and Vegeta
CatYamcha's Shape-Shifting Friend
Supreme KaiA Purple Young Kai With a White Mohawk
Human/Saiyan HybridOne Sixteenth Saiyan, Goku's Great Great Grandson
Shadow DragonThe Shadow Dragon of Electricity
HumanChi-Chi's Dad, and Student of Master Roshi
HumanThe Reincarnated Human Form of Kid Buu
SaiyanBrother of Kakarot
AndroidOnly Game is Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (Main Boss)
MajinTurns Majin Buu into Chocolate and Eats him
HumanA Mime Who Self-Destructs in DBZ
Frieza's HenchmanA Purple Weak Servant of Frieza
Galaxy WarriorHas Blue Skin and An Orange Mohawk
MajinWorks for Babidi and has a White Head
HumanLoses to Goku in the World Tournament, Lives in a Desert Village
AndroidDr. Wheelo's Assistant
HumanA Girl Colonel of the Red Ribbon Army
DemonA Giant Purple Boar who Fights Goku Jr.
TuffleThe Tuffle Created by Dr. Myuu
Namekian Wish-MakersA Red Dragon that Appears by the Black Star Dragon Balls
SaiyanBanished Prince of Saiyans but Was too Weak
Supreme KaiSupreme Kai of the West
KaiKai of the South
HumanUses the Original Dodonpa
HumanA Girl that Goes to Gohan's School
RabbitA Rabbit Gangster who Fights Goku
AndroidFirst To Fight Against a Super Saiyan 2
NamekianBegins Evil then Becomes Good After Helping Goku Fight Raditz
DogMajin Buu's Pet Dog
GrasshopperA Grass Hopper who lives on King Kai's Planet
DogA Political Dog
Frieza's HenchmanA Green Servant of Frieza with Green Hair
HumanHe Uses his Smell to Attack
HumanA Bandit Who is Always With his Cat, Becomes a Z Fighter
Shadow DragonDies From Getting Punched Through his Stomach
Namekian Wish-MakersThe Dragon that Appears by the Namekian Dragon Balls and Makes Three Wishes
MonkeyKing Kai's Pet Monkey
AndroidAndroid that Gets Married to Arale
HumanFather in Law of Goku's Son
Human/Saiyan HybridOne Sixteenth Saiyan, Vegeta's Great Great Grandson
Human/Saiyan HybridSecond to Become Super Saiyan 3, Fusion Between Goten and Trunks
SaiyanKing of all Saiyans
MajinFormed When Evil Buu ate Majin Buu
AndroidA Good Android With Orange Spiky Hair
AlienOnly Appears in Movies, Brother of Frieza
GeniServes Kami
HumanA Colonel of the Red Ribbon Army
ArlianAtla's Wife but then is Forced to Become King Moai's Wife
FoxWorks for Emperor Pilaf
Ginyu ForceThe Leader of the Ginyu Force
Human/Saiyan Hybrid2nd Son of Goku
HumanShoots Goku in First Episode of Dragon Ball
SaiyanA Bald Saiyan that Attacked Earth
KaiLives on his Own Tiny Planet Above Snake Way
CatLives in his Own Tower, Gives Senzu Beans to Hero's
PigA Shape-Shifting Pig
HumanAkane Kimidori's Sister
ArlianKing of all Arlians
HumanMonk, Friend of Goku
HumanMaster Roshi's Sister
AndroidTao Pai Pai After Being Rebuilt by his Brother
MajinA Majin that Becomes Good but Gets Absorbed by Evil Buu
NamekianA Fat Namekian that is Spit out by Evil King Piccolo
Galaxy WarriorLeader of the Galaxy Warriors that Transforms
KonatsianHas a Sword and Orange Spiky Hair, Fights Hirudegarn
HumanA Z Fighter Who is Fat, and Cuts off Vegeta's Tail
SaiyanRival of Goku, Prince of Saiyans
HumanA Red Haired Commander in the Red Ribbon Army
Galaxy WarriorSkilled Swordsman Who Can Transform Like His Leader
HumanKilled by Great Ape in Dragon Ball
NamekianHe Fights Frieza and Gets Beat up Later Fuses with Another Namekian
PigAn Announcer Pig in Penguin Village
SaiyanHe Eats a Fruit from the Tree of Might
AndroidWanted to Find the World's Strongest Man
Frieza's HenchmanA Pink Servant of Frieza Who is Killed by Vegeta
AndroidFusion Between Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17
AndroidAntagonist Who Knows Many Fighter's Techniques
Ginyu ForceAn Orange-Haired Ginyu Force Member
Shadow DragonTeams up With Goku Against Omega Shenron, Uses Fire
DemonAn Evil Vampire who Lives in Devil's Castle
AndroidA Grey Android that has a Ponytail
AndroidA Bad Black-Haired Android, Twins with Android 18
AlienFather of Frieza
Human/Saiyan HybridDaughter of Vegeta and Bulma
KaiKai of the East
AndroidAn Android that Fuses with Android 15 and 14
AndroidCreator of Androids

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