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Lead female roleJewish girl
Lead male role Step-Brother of another Glee member
Former CheerleaderPregnant
Former CheerleaderOwner of a cat
Former CheerleaderLatina decent
Rebel Jewish guy
HandicapGuy in Wheelchair
Falcetto singerFashion minded guy
Teacher of GleeDivorced
Feisty girlBlack girl
Tap dancerChinese goth girl
Freestyle DancerChinese guy
Cheerleader CochEnemy of the Glee club
Guidance CounsleorGinger/suffers OCD
Justin Bieber of the groupFat lips/ currently in poverty
School BullyEverybody's nightmare
School PrincipalUnderestimated
Football PlayerBullies Kurt
Leader of the WarblersBestfriends with Kurt
Leader of the Oral IntensityBoyfriend of Rachel

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