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Quotescharacters from chuck
It means that Alexei Volkoff is in love with me.
Really? Do all your friends give your mother urinary tract infections?
You're going to work for Roark?... The man who stole everything from me?
Chuck seems like a really nice guy. And he's really in love. Are you?
You break her heart, I'll break your everything
Gentlemen. It was a night of exquisite passion. I did things with that woman I didn't even know existed, which are likely illegal.
Talk about low hanging fruit!
I've got *one* friend in this world. You have a home, and a store full of them.
Pineapples are fun, my dad used to throw them at me.
So there would be no personality. No memories in the way of the Intersect. All right, let's do it.
Quotescharacters from chuck
I'm right, aren't I? I should tell you. I'm always right. It's annoying but true.
I mean, people, do you have any idea what working with fried food would do to my complexion?
May I just say,I've been on the run for 2 years. And no matter how far you run you can never run from yourself.
You're banging my mum!?'
Guys, I know Kung Fu
I think my water just broke
Kid’s love me
Morgan's so awesome! He can eat anything...
Perhaps I've moved to fast; have you had intercourse?
Well, should I pop some popcorn or beat the answer out of you?
Quotescharacters from chuck
Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot.
Morgan please remove your hand from my chest
Actually Costa Gravas is very stable. We have peace now...and subway sandwich franchises.
Yeah... the world's oldest profession...
Jeff has a new pet rock named Bruce. I asked him why Bruce and he that when he hits it, it doesn't Bruce
Well, uh, for starters I think that the staff sits around too far... far too often...
Look on the bright side, we don't need to buy toilet paper for years
Right. I can't. (He picks up a baseball bat) But I can beat you to death.
Will you be my ass. man.?

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