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Immortal Craftsmen
Immortal Gods
Supreme Ruler
Swallowed his children
Married Cronus
Goddess of the Harvest
Goddess of Marriage
God of the Underworld
Had a Thunderbolt
Goddess of Home
River Goddess
Shuttled mortals across the river to the Underworld
Three Headed Dog
50 headed dragon monster
Had gods transform themselves into animals
Messenger God
God of the Sun
Means Wisdom or Cunning
Slipped Cronus drugged drink
Zeus' second wife
Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos
3rd wife of Zeus
Poets prayed to for artistic inspirationd
Sister of Metis
Gave beauty and gifts to mortal women
God of War
God of Fire; Lame
Friend of Hephaestus
Slept with Ares
Goddess of the Hunt
Daughter of Atlas

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