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Significant EventDay of Week it Occurred
1st Man on the Moon
Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, Fukushima Disaster
Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Bombing of Pearl Harbor
WWII Begins with Nazi Invasion of Poland
Bombing of Hiroshima
Assassination of Martin Luther King
Beatles 1st Appearance on Ed Sullivan Show
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Significant EventDay of Week it Occurred
Hurricane Katrina
Fall of Berlin Wall
End of Iran Hostage Crisis
Assassination of Lincoln
Osama Bin Laden Killed
Signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
San Francisco Earthquake
Sinking of the Titanic
Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
1st Day of Woodstock
D-Day Invasion of Normandy

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