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Ato declare to be true or genuine; to certify, as by oath
Bto deceive, swindle or defraud.
Cto make, or move with, a rapid succession of loud sharp noises.
Dto lose beauty, strength, prosperity, etc. gradually.
Eto come afterward; follow immediately.
Fto get or manage by trickery or craftiness.
Gto decorate; adorn; trim.
Hto trouble, worry or torment.
Ito combine with something already formed; embody; merge.
Jto mix or be mixed in a confused, disorderly heap.
K to show great deference, submissive respect, homage.
Lto classify as; call; name; describe
Mto give help; to serve, as a nurse
Nto feed or sustain with substances necessary to life and growth.
Oto flow out slowly or give forth moisture, as through small holes.
Pto keep from harm or damage; to protect; save
Qto shake with tremulous motion.
Rto use abusive language toward or about.
Sto impose a burden or obligation.
Tto walk on, in, along or over, etc.
Uto press upon the attention; advocate earnestly and repeatedly.
Vto clear from criticism, suspicion or blame.
Wto make twisting or turning movements; squirm
Yto utter a short, sharp cry or bark.
Zto move with speed or energy.

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