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1Cinco de Mayo celebrates an unlikely victory at the Battle of ____.
2The victory occurred on (month? day?) of 1862.
3The Mexican army defeated well-armed well-trained forces from ____.
4These two other countries had also sent naval forces to Mexico.
5The forces were ostensibly there to collect ____ from Mexico.
6The leader of the Mexican army was General Ignacio ____.
7This general was born in the present-day U.S. state of ____.
8Forces from [answer 3] eventually helped install this emperor.
9[Answer 8] held this role until his capture and _______by Republican Mexican forces in 1867.
10This wife/widow of [answer 8] was declared insane after her return to Europe.
11This beloved Mexican president returned to power after the emperor's downfall.
12While the United States opposed the emperor, this event prevented the nation from participating in Mexico's conflict.
13Mexican Independence Day, often confused with Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated on this date.

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