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True or False: el Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day
Cinco de Mayo celebrates a ______________.
It took place on el 5 de mayo in the year 18_____.
It took place near ________________, Mexico.
It was between a smaller under-equipped Mexican army and the world power of ________________.
This foreign army was ostensibly in Mexico to ____________ a _____________.
This battle was surprisingly won by ________________.
The leader of the Mexican army was General Ignacio (Z)______________.
The general was born in the present-day U.S. state of ______________.
True or False: The defeated foreign army immediately set sail for their home country and gave up their goal of conquest.
This foreign army eventually helped to install a new Hapsburg emperor in Mexico by the name of _______________________.
He ended up ruling Mexico for _________ years.
The emperor's wife was the famously extravagent and 'loca' _______________.
The most-beloved Mexican president who was deposed and later re-instated was ________________.
The foreign power was able to invade Mexico successfully because the U.S. was engaged in its own ____________ _________.
True or False: el Cinco de Mayo is a major federal holiday in Mexico; banks and schools are closed.
Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated, appropriately, in the Mexican state of _________________, where the battle happened.
True or False: el Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated more extensively and enthusiastically in the U.S. than in Mexico.
One of the U.S. cities where there are major Cinco de Mayo celebrations is _______________.
The actual Mexican Independence Day (when they declared freedom from Spain in 1810) is on ________________.

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