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It was Chuck Norris who killed the ____________ Sea.
The only time Chuck Norris uses a stunt double is when there's a scene where he has to _____________.
Chuck Norris can catch the ______________________ man.
Chuck Norris stared __________ in the face and it backed down.
Chuck Norris started a staring contest with Abe Lincoln at Mt. Rushmore and wasnt the first to ________________.
As a boy, Chuck Norris won the ___________________ (3 words) on his Big Wheel.
Chuck Norris can clap-on and clap-off the _________ .
Chuck Norris orders a thick crust supreme ________ at Burger King - and gets it.
Chuck Norris knows the last digit of ____________.
Chuck Norris uses shot put balls as ____________relievers.
Chuck Norris can eat a bowl of rice with one ________________.
Chuck Norris swallowed a bottle of _________________ pills. They only made him blink.
Each July, Chuck Norris has to go to Pamplona to make the bulls_____________.
Kansas ___________ have sirens to warn them of the approach of Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris knows what the secret 11 herbs and spices are in the ____________recipe.
First, Chuck Norris pours the milk, then he pours the cereal, then he places the ____________.
When Chuck Norris wants a __________ bar, nobody makes him do anything.
Chuck Norris can beat you at _______________ using just the consonants.
Dinosaurs once borrowed money from Chuck Norris and didnt pay him back. That's why they're ________________.
The one person Chuck Norris is afraid of is his ____________.

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