US Cities with Spanish Names

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Name in EnglishName in Spanish
St. Francis, CA
Holy Faith, NM
Town, CO
The Pass, TX
The Crosses, NM
Mountain Range View, AZ
Cute View, CA
St. Paul, CA
Holy Cross, CA
Yellow, TX
Ranch River, NM
Fortune, CA
Little St. Bernard, CA
Mouse Mouth, FL
Green Sticks Ranch, CA
St. Mark, CA
Of The River, TX
Indian, CA
Modest, CA
(The) Golden, KS
St. Claire, CA
Downtown, CA
Table Coast, CA
Novice, CA
View, CA
Name in EnglishName in Spanish
The Angels, CA
St. Matthew, CA
High Post, CA
Dawn, CO
Poplar Park, CA
Holy Rite, CA
Little Cornfields, CA
St. James/St. Didicus, CA
St. Anthony, TX
Reindeer, NV
The Meadows, NV
Ash Tree, CA
Wood, CA
St. Angel, TX
Hidden, CA
Big House, AZ
St. Joseph, CA
The Cats, CA
The Big Box/Drawer, CA
The Mount, CA
Table, AZ
Crown, CA
St. Ann, CA
Walnuts, AZ
Flat, TX

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