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River name en Inglés Named by SpanishFacts and info
Woods/Forest River Flows by G.W. Bush's ranch
White RiverNamed for white limestone along banks
Plain RiverCuts its way through granite rock dome
Shell River Named for pearl-producing river mussels
Nuts/Pecan RiverOnce claimed by Mexico to be the southern border of Texas
Flint River LBJ's favorite river running through his ranch
St. Anthony RiverFlows by El Paseo del Rio (Riverwalk) in San Antonio
Griddle River Shortest river in Texas and the U.S. - 2.5 mi.
St. Mark RiverHome to several endangered species - only 75 mi. long
River name en Inglés Named by SpanishFacts and info
Colored (Red) RiverForms Town Lake through Austin
(The)Cow RiverFirst named in French by LaSalle
Big RiverCalled 'Rio Bravo del Norte' by Mexicans
Cold RiverWhere George Strait remembers swimming
Arms River Full Spanish name means 'Arms of God River'
Christmas River Named for Christ's nativity - probably on Christmas
Lion River Named for a man named 'Lion' - not real lions
St. Hyachinth River Sam Houston won Texas Independence along its banks
'3 way' River (now called by English name)Flows through Ft. Worth and Dallas

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