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Can you name the person whose name is associated with a place or thing?

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designer of a style of cowboy hat; Florida university
NY Mayor; NY airport
Eisenhower's Sec of State; VA airport
AT&T's predecessor; inventor of telephone
First to put names on football uniforms; Chicago stadium
Popular cartoons depicting complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. His name is synonymous with them.
Attorney General 1961-1964;DC stadium
Invented frozen-food process; frozen food company
Supreme Court Justice; Baltimore airport
Irish-born British admiral; measures wind speed
1968 presidential candidate; Minneapolis, MN stadium
The man who vulcanized rubber; major U.S. tire company
American entrepreneur, launched CNN; Atlanta stadium;
chewing gum magnate; Chicago ballpark
Poor Richard's Almanac author; stove is named after him
Hall of Famer Pittsburgh Pirate; Puerto Rico stadium
Famous Quaker; 33rd largest state
Ferdinand & Isabella paid for his trip; Scioto and Olentangy rivers meet here
American engineer; stainless steel gull-winged door automobile
'I shall return' declarant; LA park
Inventor of wheat drill & automatic gun; Civil War era multi-barrel gun
Invented a single-lens reflex camera; high end medium format camera
Communist leader of North Vietnam 1941-1969 ; fomerly Saigon
7th president of the United States; Florida city
Organized American Red Cross; Kansas county
great-great grand daughter had a line of jeans; Tennessee university
16th president; University of Nebraska town
French teacher of the blind; writing system for the blind
35th president; Cape Canaveral Space Center
Father of the U.S. Constitution; NYC street associated with advertising

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